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How Can an Attorney Remove A Judgment?

When we check our credit report, there are some instances that we see some judgment that may be inaccurate. It can’t be helped because the three credit bureaus are not always consistent of what they are generating for your credit report. There is a way to have it removed. However, the first thing we need is to understand, what is a judgment? These are the debts that are placed on our credit report whether it is accurate or not. If you want to have a judgment removed, it needs to be disputed. The best way to go about it is if you will hire an attorney to do the job. It is because of the complexity of the situation that you might encounter. Here are the three ways that a lawyer can remove a judgment on your credit report.

  1. The Debt Was Paid

An attorney can represent you in cases where you are disputing the judgment placed on your credit report. In a situation whereas the debt was paid on time and the report was just inaccurate, the credit companies will be able to remove the record from your name. However, if the payment was made after the judgment was already placed on your credit report, it is not something that they will remove. The best that you can get is to have the debt tagged as paid. It is easy most especially if you have proof or records that will show that the debt was in fact paid on time. For safety precaution, it is highly recommended if you will keep tabs on all your receipts most especially if it is something that is related to anything that may appear on your credit report.

  1. The Debt Is For Someone Else

We can’t help if some people have the same names as we do. In these cases, the credit companies will mistakenly put the debt under your name. It is easy to resolve, and an attorney can speed up the case to make sure that your name will be cleared from the debt that doesn’t belong to you. Your lawyer will just have to present some proof that you have not acquired the said debt under any circumstances. Some of the records that will be required are proof of billing, birth certificate and social security number to name a few. There may be other documents necessary and all you need to do, is have it ready.

  1. The period has expired

The timeframe that the debt will remain on your credit report is within seven years and six months. After that period, the judgment placed on your credit report can already be removed. You can just ask your lawyer to send a petition due to the expired timeframe. Once it has been confirmed, the credit companies can have it removed. There are also instances where it can be deleted earlier, but it is best if you can coordinate with a legal representative.

Doing it by yourself is not a problem but with the help of an attorney, things will push through more efficiently because they already know the process that needs to be done.…